Looking for reference to Angelo’s work, comes out the Alighiero cricket, an acrobat cricket that plays in the amazement of the life and flees by paper planes. The playing cards of Angelo with shells evoke the visionary world of Gaudì, and the butterflies with satin wings, are embroidered by the tailor of Ontani, a carpet that flies to the beauty that plays with cards. Terrasanta, a paradise of shells and butterflies, the millenary time that flies for a moment with the madonna che ride. Cosmic relationships. The relationship continues in costellazioni, where the leaf space is a game of stars. The five seeds of cards, the five fingers of the hand and a pencil. Music drawn while waiting for a sound. Seeds that come from east. In ricreazione, Angelo tells stories of the lives of saints, a martyr on the grating or a miracle cure. Precious images of the popular Sicilian tradition found under the dust. This is how it is born the pop calendar of 2017, without bubbles but with the halo, cannolo and orange flowers. Angelo Formica exhibited with the artists of portofranco, with which he relies in the spirit of a work, that is expressed in play and poetry. Not an applied art, but finally free to paint a sunset, and now it is possible thanks to Salvo. (Franco Toselli, 2017)

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